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The Internet has made it very easy for people to communicate all over the world. It is no longer difficult for someone in North America to get in touch with someone in Asia. Reaching distant audiences has been an issue for many publishers."Our magazine is geared towards international readers" said Jeffrey Corbett, Editor of Corbett & Kish Publishing Inc.“We decided early on that the magazine should be available to any reader, at any time, all over the world." When Mr. Corbett got in touch with Live Publications, reaching all viewers was one of his main concern. He also realized digital publication was an emerging trend that every one would benefit from. Digital publishing gives readers the flexibility to view the document at their leisure and with all the high tech features have an enhanced reading experience.

Corbett & Kish Publishing was previously working with IDigital Editions, however, Live Publications was able to provide them with a fast and more creative digital conversion. Our team worked closely with the client to make sure all their requirements were met precisely. The design team created a unique interface, which matched the design of their website. They were so impressed with the design team’s work, and the company’s solutions that they asked Live Publications to provide them with all their IT needs as well. The magazine also included special features such as music, hyperlinks, table of content, animated flash advertisements, along with many other high-tech features. One feature, Mr. Corbett requested was audio reading in the magazine. This would appeal to readers who preferred listening to an article read to them. Live Publications worked quickly and efficiently to satisfy our client, while maintaining a high work quality.

Our client was very pleased with the website and magazine. Corbett said, “Live Publications worked to meet a deadline for our digital magazine, as well as the website.” He added that, “With Live Publications we were able to receive our digital magazine faster, and have no issues with the quality of service provided.” Our customer support was with them every step of the way, always available to answer questions or give professional input. The magazine is now available to a worldwide audience who will be able to enjoy the magazine at their own time; all the while saving cost on international postal service and time delay for Corbett & Kish Publishing.

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