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Jacqueline Benjamin Thomas | Vice President


“I wanted to give my clients another option when it came to sharing the publication with their clients, friends, and co-workers,” said Jacqueline Benjamin Thomas, Vice President of People You Need To Know, Inc. Thomas wanted to have the information readily available to all her viewers, while saving postal service cost. This is a challenge for many publishers. Distributing printed publications is not only expensive but is not always reliable. It may never reach the client or it may not be available when needed.“Because it is so popular, we have a problem keeping it on the shelves year after year” Thomas said. Live Publications is an excellent solution to many problems faced by publishers around the world.

Live Publications created a solution for People You Need To Know, Inc. that fit their needs and requirements. The Live Publications team worked hand-in-hand with the client to understand what it was they were looking for; all their questions were answered and the solution was provided timely. The “Live Publications team was easy to work with and our online publication was available in a very short time. Also, the pages load very fast and they are sharp and crisp” Thomas said.

Live Publications allowed People You Need To Know Business Directory to be available to all it’s viewers with many interactive features not available in printed format. This solution also helped bring down the distribution cost, thus saving valuable time and money.“In the past years, we spent tons of money on postage, we don’t have to do that anymore” said Thomas. “Thus far,” she continued, “we’ve gotten more traffic to our site this month than we’ve gotten in the last four months.” Live Publications not only increases business but is cost effective, easy to manage and a publisher’s dream come true.

Client's Comments
By nature, I like to research things. I believed that if one particular company was offering this service, there were others available with more advanced features and I found it with Live Publications. I reviewed several companies that were providing similar solutions, but none of their features could compare to what Live Publications was offering. They were pretty flexible to work with so they let us host our publication on our own website that no other company was allowing us to do. They designed our online publication interface to match our website look and feel. After working with Live Publications I hope that other digital publishing solution providers will use them as a model and improve their products and features. I love Live Publications because it's a real lifesaver and my clients are very impressed with it.

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