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Sheila Weber | Production Manager


As we all know technology is ever evolving and features constantly enhanced. Many publishers face challenges having to print new manuals every time there is a change in the product. “We wanted to reach as many of our client’s certified installers in the field as possible and they did not want the cost of printing manuals and then have to worry about making sure all the installers had the most current version when updates were added.” Sheila Weber, Production Manager for Unified Resources Inc. needed a solution. Frequent changes in manuals can be very costly since new manuals must be printed each time. The publishers not only have to republish entire documents but repeatedly pay for mailing. E-books and DVD’s are a cost effective solution.

The Live Publications team was able to create a cost effective E-Manual within 2 business days. We worked closely with the client’s team to present them with an E-Manual that fit their budget and provided all the necessary features. Our customer support walked them through the process and answered all their questions and concerns. The CD based digital manual was delivered to the client on time as promised.

“They turned the E-Manual around very quickly and within our client’s budget,” said Weber, who was pleased with the result. Live Publications created an E-Manual that was available to the client in CD form, thus, reducing cost as well as time delays. Unified Resources will now be able to distribute manuals without having to reprint to adjust for changes in the text. This method was cost efficient and convenient. Our team was able to successfully meet our client’s needs down to every detail, which is what makes Live Publications a leader in digital publishing.

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