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Maximum ROI
Distributing digitally with us allows you to save on printing and distribution costs, build a worldwide audience, enhance reader experience and increase your return on investment. With the Live Publications’ solution publishers pay a one-time only conversion cost.

Digital Archiving
We deliver a complete, fresh copy of your publication with each conversion, saving you monthly maintenance costs. This allows you to digitally archive your publications and allow user access to the past issues.

Quick Conversion and Rapid Delivery
Live Publications’ conversion process is pretty quick. It takes less time to convert your catalog to digital format then actually getting it printed. Once the catalog is converted, it’s ready for the users to view. Users experience no wait for delivery. It’s handy and can be accessed anytime. There is no fear of losing Digital Catalog as it is saved on the user’s hard disk and can be viewed or downloaded from the web at any time.

Consumer's Benefits
No wait and no hassle with delivery, easy to navigate, key word search, interactive media, and readily available web links benefit the subscriber much more than printed documents. Digital Catalogs are interactive and can be integrated into your existing e-commerce website to get response from interested customers right away.

Expanded Circulation
The Internet makes it much easier to distribute catalogs because the costumer does not have to go through any trouble to get it. With a simple click of the mouse the costumer has all the information right in front of them with interactive features.

Digital Catalogs are available in three different mediums

Web based
Digital Catalogs are suitable for both online and offline browsing. You have the option to view your catalog on the web, or you can download it on your computer system for later use. You can also save Digital Catalogs from the web onto your laptop for a later viewing without an Internet connection.

This medium makes it very easy to circulate your catalogs. All you need to do is attach the catalog file to your e-mail and send it to millions of users. Also, this is great for brochures and surveys because it has an interactive form which can be filled in and submitted by the viewer.

CD-BasedDigital Catalogs can also be distributed via standard or business card CDs. You have the option to incorporate large media files such as video files, and animations. This option is suitable for distribution of product catalogs with embedded product 360 degree views.

24/7 Availability
Digital Catalogs offers 24-hour accessibility, which allows the customers to enjoy this creation at their own convenience.

Streaming Technology
Digital Catalogs combines interactive media, documentation and web pages into one unified platform. Due to the web-based nature of Digital Catalogs it is easy to access and is secure.

Easy To Read and Use
This application makes browsing catalogs very simple and accessible. With the many features available in Digital Catalogs even the least experienced subscriber will be able to view product details, ads and search through the catalog for interesting information.

Table of Contents
This feature allows the subscriber to easily navigate the catalog by simply clicking on the desired product section from the list.

Rich Media
You can even embed Audio, Video, Product 360 Degrees and Slideshow as part of a Digital Catalogs and improve users viewing experience.

Standard or Customized Interface
You have the option to buy a standard GUI or request a customized interface that goes with your corporate image. This allows you to customize your digital publication and promote your brand, not the vendor’s. Customized interfaces will help you integrate Digital Catalog into your website seamlessly.

Real-time Tracking
Digital Catalogs allows you to record publication performance and impact on your end-user. It provides the features to monitor your digital content in several different ways that helps you to improve your publication quality by focusing on the weak areas.

Real-time tracking analyzes visitor’s behavior and records it. Some important data points that you can find in our reporting system includes:

Total hits
Geographic location of the visitor
Visit frequency
Top 10 articles
Top 10 markets
Time spent on each page
Clicks on advertisements
Purchases made by the user
Most interested products or services

It provides you an option to view these reports in a variety of different formats. You can also print these reports and share them with your partners or other team members.

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