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Real-time Tracking
Digital Catalogs allows you to record publication performance and impact on your end-user. It provides the features to monitor your digital content in several different ways that helps you to improve your publication quality by focusing on the weak areas.

Real-time tracking analyses visitor’s behavior and records it. Some important data points that you can find in our reporting system includes:

Total hits
Geographic location of the visitor
Visit frequency
T op 10 articles
Top 10 markets
Time spent on each page
Clicks on advertisements
Purchases made by the user
Most interested products or services

It provides you an option to view these reports in a variety of formats. You can also print these reports and share them with your partners or other team members.

E-Commerce Website / Online Store Development
If you have great products or services to sell but you don’t have an online store or e-commerce website, we can help you by developing a customized solution according to your needs. This solution comes with a Content Management System so you can closely monitor your sales and update you website with new prices and products. For more information please contact us at info@livepublications.com

Digital Payment Solution
Live Publications offers secure payment receiving solution that can be easily integrated with the website. Our customers are free to choose any payment gateway including PayPal, Verisign, World Pay or 2Checkout.com.

You Digitize Your Publication, Or We Do It For You
We offer in house catalog production services. Our clients provide us with the print ready files and we take care of the job. We are currently developing a solution for our clients to create the digital version of their publications online all by them selves. However our in-house production team will be always there to help you out.

Bulk E-mail Distribution
Live Publications can send your publication to any size mailing list, whether your audience includes 100 users or 100,000 users. You simply provide a list of approved email addresses and we do the rest. To serve your readers and safeguard your business reputation, we follow accepted professional standards and best practices of the e-mail marketing industry, including opt-in subscription.

Marketing Services (25$ Google Ad-words Credit)
We understand that promoting your publication to the general audience is an important factor. We give our customers 25$ Google credit. So they could promote their publications on the TOP search engine and get more traffic and high subscriptions.

Live Publications offers state of the art hosting solution. Our solution is inexpensive and affordable.

Digital Archiving
Digital Archiving allows you to save back issues online and make them available to readers at little cost. Costly, paper-based reprint runs are a thing of the past: simply provide readers with links to the previous issues and keep earning even while the new issues are online.

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