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Digital Magazines are packed with the following array of solutions.

Advanced Zoom Options
The magazine is originally displayed at 50% Zoom. By clicking on the page it increases to 150% zoom. You can also add a customized zoom option to show minute details in an image or to enlarge small text.

Unrestricted Hosting Solution
We offer easy and unrestricted hosting solutions for your digital magazine. Our customers are free to choose our hosting solution or they can deploy the final digital published solution on their own servers. With Live Publications there are no hidden costs. Many companies offer low cost solutions to attract customers, but ultimately customers pay more through monthly maintenance and hosting charges. Our company delivers a complete fresh copy of your publication with each conversion so you can digitally archive your back issues.

Easy Printing
The Print button in the main header menu allows the user to easily print the page at any zoom level. The default print size is 8 1/2 x 11, which is standard letter size.

Book Mark
This function allows the user to “book mark” any page in the magazine. The viewer can go back at a later time to review the book-marked pages since they are saved in the memory.

Advanced Search
This enables the reader to search specific words throughout the magazine. Once the search is complete the page numbers where the word was found will appear, giving the reader the option to jump directly to that page.

Interactive Table of Contents
This feature is available at both zoom levels. User clicks on the content button, which shows the title of the pages predefined in the Content Panel. You can simply click on any of the title to directly jump to that page.

Dual Page View
This option allows the reader to view both pages at the same time, just like a printed magazine.

Animated Ads
Advertisers can display their ads using banners or animations and these can be linked directly to their websites.

Embedded Video
You can add videos that provide advertisers with a powerful way of reaching the subscribers and enriches their reading experience. Publishers can add an interview or a detail documentary regarding specific article.

All the hyperlinks in the magazine are converted to live links. This feature allows readers to go directly to an advertiser’s website if they would like to get more information.

Embedded Forms
Forms can be incorporated into the magazine to receive information from the user that can be saved in the database or e-mailed to a specific address.

Audio can also be added to the animations, videos and ads to give viewers a rich multimedia experience which is not possible in the print magazine.

Jump to Page
“Jump to page” option helps the user to jump directly to any page by simply inserting the desired page number and clicking Go button.

Highlight helps users remember important information. Once highlight is applied it will be saved and your digital magazine will always remember it even if the application is closed. User can always add or delete Highlighted areas and change the colors of the highlighter...

User Guide / Help
The User Guide gives a detailed description of the available features in the digital magazine and answers some basic questions.

Interactive Thumbnails
This feature allows the viewer to quickly see small snapshots of all the pages in the magazine and access them directly by clicking on the thumbnail or page number.

Send to friend
This feature is available upon request. If there is no subscription cost for the magazine then this feature will allow users to read the magazine and share it with their friends, increasing circulation and building audience. Users are allowed to send links to specific articles, pages or the entire magazine.

Integration with the payment gateway for digital subscriptions
We help our customers in setting up an online payment gateway. Our customers are free to choose any payment gateway. However, we prefer using PayPal, Verisign and 2Checkout.com.

Intelligent Mags
Intelligent Mags feature records users’ behavior and saves the last page accessed by the user in the memory. Whenever user tries to access the magazine again, it checks the memory and directly jumps to the page that was last accessed.

If there is no subscription cost users are allowed to download free copies of the magazine in PDF format. They can also request printed magazine copies. If there is a subscription cost, users are taken to the publisher’s website subscription page to fill out a form and request a print copy of magazine by mail.

Share with Digg.com or Save in your Del.icio.us account
Promoting you magazine is an important issue and we do encourage that by offering this unique promotion features. With this feature users are allowed to dig to specific article or whole magazine and write their comments that are then posted to digg.com and are searchable by the search engine spider. Users are also allowed to save any article or page in the magazine to their Del.icio.us account and can always access that exact page by clicking on the link saved in their account.

Real-time Tracking
Digital Magazines allows you to record publication performance and impact on your end-user. It provides the features to monitor your digital content in several ways that help you improve your publication quality by focusing on weak areas.

Real-time tracking analyzes and records visitor behavior. Some important data points that you can find in our reporting system includes:

Total hits
Geographic location of the visitor
Visit frequency
T op 10 articles
Top 10 markets
Time spent on each page
Clicks on advertisements

It provides you an option to view these reports in different formats. You can also print reports and share with partners or other team members.

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