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Technology has taken over our every day life. Keeping that in mind, LivePublications is a perfect solution for magazines. Many of today’s readers like to avoid carrying paper copies of magazines and newspapers. However, many have access to the computer most of the time. Therefore, having the magazine online with interactive features would be more suitable to them. At the same time, this solution will be reducing the consumer and marketer’s cost. Some of the beneficial features include an interactive table of content, bookmark, interactive advertisement with links, video files, and the ability to share articles with your friends using “send to friend” feature.

Product Brochures
Many large companies distribute their product catalogs on a weekly or monthly basis, which can cost them thousands of dollars. LivePublications is a perfect solution because it is cost effective and environment friendly. By using LivePublications paperless solution you can reach your customers with positive impact while helping the environment and reducing your costs.

E-Annuals and Corporate Documents
LivePublications is great for e-annual reports because of its many features. Since the look and feel of LivePublications is that of a printed report it does not alienate clients who are accustomed to printed reports. The layout is such that the design of a printed annual report can easily be adapted into it. Still images in the printed annual can be changed into animated areas e.g. animated charts and graphs in the Financial Highlights Section.

Coupon Books & Catalogs
Coupon books is an excellent option for companies to promote their products, upcoming events, and boost their sales. LivePublications helps you make this process much easier and is cost effective. The coupon book can be made into an interactive web application, which allows the user to browse through the coupons and print their selection.
Your digital catalog will be a selling tool and can be integrated with your existing e-commerce business to help you maximize sales .

E-books or electronic versions of books can be made available online or offline for readers through LivePublications. Readers can get bored when reading a book because it may become tedious, however, with LivePublications it can be an entertaining and educational experience. The user will be interacting and gaining the necessary information at the same time, which helps keep the reader captivated and focused. LivePublications is an excellent solution for e-books because the reader has the option to highlight, bookmark, print, search and many other interactive features.

Photo Albums
This is an exceptional opportunity for photographers to digitally organize and advertise their work. Many event photographers often print small samples of their work to show before developing the final copies. With Live Publications, photographers will be able to post all images. Clients will be able to view them online, make final selections for their album and make payment. With final selections online, the photographer can bill and receive payment before releasing the final album.

User Manuals
Today, there are manuals for nearly every product. Changes to the text often mean reprinting the entire manual. With the Live Productions solution, Instead of printing and reprinting manuals, manufacturing companies will be able to create a cost effective “e-manual”. Companies and their customers benefit from this solution because customers can conveniently view, download or print the publication. If corrections or updates must be made, companies can easily make changes online saving money on reprints and eliminating losses.

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